3 tips on dealing with customer service at both Uber and Lyft

Almost everyone has a horror story of dealing with the customer service department of a big corporation. All too often we feel like we are not being heard. The person responding to your issue on phone or via email just doesn’t get it. It can be so frustrating!

Your feeling of frustration could very well be valid but are you giving that representative all of the information they need in the most effective way? When it comes to getting what you want, being an effective communicator is truly key!

Teamsters TNC has a list of 10 tips for dealing with Lyft’s customer services. From the list I have chosen my top 3 tips that we as customer all need to remember, regardless of who we are contacting to resolve our issue:

  1. Be Courteous and Polite While Interacting With Your Representative – You may have been on the phone for what felt like forever but keep that to yourself. Expressing your anger at the beginning of any conversation is not a good strategy. You want the customer service representative to want to help you. The site says you should consider, “the person on the other end is a human being and they are just doing their job. Customer support agents are bound by their company’s rules, so things are not up to them. Taking the time to get to know your customer service rep’s name (at the very least) can help ensure that things progress more favorably and with greater ease. When on the line (or typing), showing a basic degree of politeness can make for a more pleasant interaction for both you and the representative.”
  2. State Your Problem Clearly and Exclude Extraneous Info – When we are frustrated we often ramble on about details that do not effectively communicate the problem. This applies whether we are communicating our issue(s) over the phone or in an email. An effective tool is to use bullet points in an email or when using the phone. Write your bullet points out so your message is clear.
  3. Try to Use Proper Formatting, Grammar, and Punctuation – When composing an email, using proper grammar will help communicate your issue effectively. This site suggests that, “Your writing does not have to be perfect, as customer support agents are trained to interpret messages that have been written on mobile or in a hasty fashion. Taking the time to ensure that your email is written correctly can help make things more clear for your customer service rep and speed up your issue resolution.”

As with so many things in life, in order to get what you want you have to know how to ask for it! And remember that it is not just what you say but how you say it!

*Previously posted on 9/10/2020

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