Are parking fees a write off for rideshare drivers?

We are all looking to save money as independent contractors. Many of our expenses like gas and insurance are ones we can write off on our taxes. But what about parking?

If you are out on the town with family or running errands, then the answer is no. However, if you are out driving and looking for rides and stop for lunch or a bathroom break and then pay to park, then the answer is YES!

The Ascent list 6 tax write offs for rideshare drivers, one of which is parking. When paying at a meter, it is best to use a debit or credit card if possible, so you have a record. The article also discusses other expenses we should all be tracking like mileage, tolls you pay when picking up or looking for a rider, and more.

Tomorrow: What you need to know about Uber riders booking a ride for $50.00 per hour.

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