Black Lives Matter – our support, corporate support, and you?

7X7 Experience, Inc., embraces the Black Lives Matter movement and denounces all forms of racism. 

The violent death of George Floyd and so many others has resulted in outrage and protest all across the US and the world. People of color and their allies are raising their voices and demanding change to systemic racism. 

Changes are coming not only to police departments and the judicial system but also from corporate America. Amazon announced it will donate $10 million which will include financial support to the ACLU Foundation, NAACP, National Bar Association and more. Google will donate $12 million to organizations working to address racial inequities. Airbnb has pledged $500,000 to the NAACP and Black Lives Matter and will also match all employee donations to both of these organizations.

Currently 22% of Uber’s drivers in the US are African American. Uber has chosen to support this community by eliminating delivery fees to Black-owned restaurants and businesses on the UberEats platform. This will directly benefit those African American businesses that have been decimated by the Covid-19 pandemic and provide an easy way for people to support them in their own communities.

This is just a small list of a few of the many companies that have stepped up but there are many more. 7X7 Experience, Inc., has always been a strong supporter of diversity and truly believes in inclusion from all areas of our communities.

In addition, our individual actions can have a dramatic impact. We can no longer simply say we are not racist, we need to take action and call out racism whenever we see it. We can also use our dollars to show support of Black communities. An easy way is to make sure you are including Black-owned businesses when you are buying dinner or other essentials in your area. For example, a quick Google search for “Black-owned businesses near me” turned up this list from 7X7 (the magazine – no affiliation!) reviewing Black-owned restaurants in the Bay Area. What is near you?

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