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A good kind of contagion – a smile

When we hear the word contagion our minds go straight to thoughts of danger for us and our families or a plot for a Hollywood movie. However, not every contagion
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5 things I wish I knew before becoming a rideshare driver.

Being a rideshare driver means you have to be able to accept a lot of unknowns: where you will be driving to today, how many trips you will have, what
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3 tips on dealing with customer service at both Uber and Lyft

Almost everyone has a horror story of dealing with the customer service department of a big corporation. All too often we feel like we are not being heard. The person
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Some do’s and don’ts on wearing a mask

Wearing a mask is now part of our daily lives. By wearing a mask, we are doing our part to help protect ourselves, our families, and others. As with anything,
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