Finding a bathroom may now be more difficult than ever. Where to go?

Before the Coronavirus, it wasn’t always easy to find a restroom as a rideshare driver, and even harder to find a clean one.  One of my favorite spots was Whole Foods because parking was always available even in downtown locations. Now there are lines at most grocery stores and many restaurants and coffee shops are takeout only. Gas stations are an essential service so they are open. However, their restrooms are all too often out of order or don’t allow you inside the building after dark. 

So now what? Everyday Health has put together a review of 5 different apps to help you find a restroom. The SitOrSquat App by Charmin is my favorite because it designates clean restrooms with the Squat distinction.  Check out what Everyday Health has to say about all 5 and choose the one that’s right for you.

Even with an app it is still going to be a challenge, especially on Friday and Saturday nights.   For many of us, this is our busiest time of the week, so what choices do we have?  There are products out there that allow both men and women to pee into a pouch containing chemicals that turn urine into a gel. When finished, you can seal it up and throw it in the trash. Here is a link to one such product, but there are many others out there. Please be discreet when using one of these products in your car; there may be legal ramifications in your area!

Tomorrow: An updated video from the CDC on preventing the spread of the Coronavirus.

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