Follow-up post on helping riders with luggage

On Monday, I posted a blog that received a lot of attention regarding helping riders with their luggage during Covid-19. There was so much talk that I thought it deserved an additional post.

Many drivers were against providing any help to riders during Covid-19 and beyond. However, there were an equal number of drivers saying they would continue helping riders with their luggage not only as a customer service action but also to protect their car. This topic has also been discussed previously on forums like Uberpeople.

I believe the way to go is to help your rider. Not only do you protect your rating by helping riders, you also protect your money maker – your car. Your vehicle is your biggest investment! The only way to hold onto its resale value and its sparkling appearance is by continuing to care for it. If your riders are loading their own luggage, they are going to drag it across your bumper and the lip of your trunk! Your rider will not mean to, but they will not place their luggage with the care and organization that you would and it may even end up scratching the interior trunk panels.

Loading the luggage yourself is the best way to maintain your vehicle’s condition.

If you are truly unable to load someone’s luggage because of physical limitations or concerns – and I am not judging you for this at all! – you should still handle this situation with grace. Open the trunk for your rider and say something like, “Unfortunately I cannot lift your luggage for you. Thank you for understanding!” And then close the trunk after the luggage is placed.

Tomorrow: Getting tips?

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