Have you received your masks and wipes from Uber?

More and more parts of the country are mandating that everyone in public wear a mask. In our blog post on May 14th we covered Uber’s new mask policy for both riders and drivers. With that new policy came a statement that Uber would be shipping out cleaning supplies and masks to its drivers. The plan was to start sending these supplies to drivers in areas hardest hit by Covid-19 and then eventually to everyone else. So how many drivers have received the supplies?

On May 21st Uber released a statement that claimed 450,000 drivers for both Uber and UberEats had received their masks and supplies. However, I’ve been asking around and it appears that there are many drivers who have yet to receive their support package. On June 17th, Uber posted an update saying they will be opening up many Green Light Hubs solely to distribute these supplies. No other services will be offered at these locations at this time. Here is the link to see if a location is available near you. 

Lyft also has mandated that both drivers and riders wear masks while using the platform. They updated their protocols on June 10th saying they now require that all riders and drivers stay home if they’re sick, wear face coverings when using Lyft, frequently sanitize hands and car surfaces, leave the front seat empty, and keep windows open when possible. They also created safety education for riders and drivers.

With both platforms set on everyone wearing a mask and being safe, we all need to adjust ourselves to what I call our “next normal.” 

Tomorrow: When was the last time you had your transmission fluid checked?

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