Is it time to go back to the airport to get your next ride?

The travel Industry has been hit the hardest as a result of Covid-19. Americans have been staying home out of health concerns for themselves and their families. This has led to airlines canceling flights and very few if any trips to or from the airport.

Recently though, there has been an uptick in travel as the summer season has arrived. Some airlines are no longer leaving the middle seat empty and allowing flights to fly at 100% capacity.  According to One Mile at a Time, the TSA reported they had more than 600,000 travelers clear security on June 22nd. Those are the highest numbers in 3 months. However that is a 78% decrease when compared to this time last year.

In my opinion, if you get a trip to the airport, it might be worth waiting around for 15 or 20 mins to see if you get a trip request. Otherwise, I would move onto busier areas of your city or town in order to find your next trip.

Tomorrow: How can you tell it’s time for a brake job?

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