Is taking a defensive driving course worth it?

For most rideshare drivers, it’s been quite some time since we’ve picked up a driving book from the DMV. Now may be one of the best times for all of us to do a refresher and brush up on our driving skills. Whether you plan on returning to rideshare full time, part time or not at all, taking a defensive driving course is something important we can do for ourselves and our families.  

Defensive driving courses have been around for a long time but they are more available than ever thanks to virtual learning. AAA offers an online option that can be completed in just 6 hours from a certified instructor. In many areas, they offer in person classes if you are a AAA member. Be sure to check with your local office for further details.  

Taking one of these courses can remind you of some of those important laws we may have forgotten along with tips on how to handle road rage, drowsy driving and more. Quite often your insurance carrier will provide you with a discount on your premiums for completing such a course. In some states, carriers are even required to give such discounts. Some carriers like Geico even have their own courses available.

No matter who your carrier is, it is really worth the time to inquire with your insurance company and complete a course. It will improve your knowledge of road skills and make you a safer driver, protecting you, your riders, and your family!

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