Make caring for yourself part of your new routine

The Covid-19 pandemic has so many of us completely stressed out. You may be suffering from fear, anxiety and dread which can all feel so overwhelming. It is not just hard on our mental well being but also our physical health. Now is a great time to try and step back and do something just for you!

Doing something special for yourself will improve your mental and physical well being. Oprah Magazine posted a study that backs this up and they list 30 things you can do by yourself that have a positive effect on your sense of well being. Many of these activities are free so what you choose doesn’t have to be a drain on your bank account.

Thought Catalog has a list of 48 things you can do right now that can make you happier right away like simply changing your phone screen saver to your latest favorite photo or selfie.

Mental floss has a list of 11 free and easy things you can do that will have a positive impact on your life.

Taking steps to improve oneself makes you feel better about life in general. When your mind is in a state of positivity you can share that with others and that is something we all need to be doing right now!

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