Making ice cream at home

The warm weather is here and we are looking for ways to cool off. Ice cream is a great answer and nothing tastes more like summer than this delicious dessert. However, we are still being asked social distance or in many cases to stay home. What better solution to this dilemma than to make a batch yourself?

One of the best parts in doing it yourself is that you know exactly what the ingredients are! It is really quite easy even without an ice cream maker.

I went searching the internet to try and find a really easy to follow video and I found the perfect one. Handletheheat goes through several recipes and methods on making ice cream all without the need of an ice cream machine. One of their recipes was mint chocolate chip – my favorite! – but there were plenty more. Once you’ve figured out your favorite technique, the flavor palettes you can create are endless. 

Stay safe and enjoy!

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