Should we be driving with the air conditioning on or off?

We are all tryIng to make money as drivers. Now that warmer weather is here again, so is the question, should I run the AC or leave it off to save money. In some places, this is no-brainer – you can’t drive around without AC in 100 degree heat! But what about milder climates?

According to Unique Auto Body, the cost of running your AC will vary slightly based on the age and size of your car. Typically you will lose about 3 miles per gallon by letting it run. So is it worth it?  

We have all seen Uber’s recommendation to run the vehicle with the windows down but is that really going to work on a really hot day? Health News Hub has some great information on masks and people in a car.  I recommend rolling down the windows half way but also running the AC.  Make sure it is running with fresh air intake versus recirculating the cabin air. This will help to further prevent the possible spread of the Covid-19.

There are additional benefits like you will be more comfortable, alert, and willing to drive for longer hours. This means you will be less likely to get into an accident and you’ll take home more money. Also your riders are more comfortable too. Your chances of getting a good rating and potentially a tip will increase with your rider’s comfort.

Now if you choose to drive with the AC off, there is a good chance after a long day of driving you will begin to smell. Being human means we give off scent and in summer that means it’s usually not a good one. Take it from me, the only time I didn’t give one of my fellow drivers a 5 star rating and a tip was because of a lack of AC. I had to endure a 25 minute drive in heavy stop and go traffic while breathing into my sleeve for the entire trip.  

Life is too short to have to suffer in the heat, leave the AC on and be safe!

Tomorrow: Is double parking a problem?

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