Time to revisit hand washing

According to many reports, Covid-19 continues to be a serious problem for the US. Rates of infection are on the increase in many parts of the country and it seems like there is little we as individuals can do to stop it! 

However, that is absolutely not true and that is where there is good news. One of the easiest and simplest things we can do is continue washing our hands – the right way. Back in March we had a post that discussed best practices for handwashing. A lot of what we know about this virus has changed with new information that seems to come out almost daily. Something that has not changed is the need for all of us to continue washing our hands. Cool Springs Chiropractic has some great information on their site covering what hand washing can prevent, why soap is so important, and more. We found the information to be a great resource during this pandemic.

Right now there is so much uncertainty but there are still plenty of things in our control. Hand hygiene is so simple, and yet so effective. Get going and get washing your hands and don’t forget to wear a mask!

Tomorrow: An update on Coronavirus symptoms?

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