Time to revisit social distancing!

On Thursday, Reuters reported that the US broke a record for the highest number of new cases of Coronavirus recorded in a single day. With this dramatic increase, we thought it might be time to revisit social distancing and its effectiveness on preventing viral spread.  

A study that was recently completed by Health Affairs showed the effectiveness of stay at home orders in combination with social distancing. They concluded that had there not been these actions taken, the US would have had tens of millions more cases. Given this information, we can safely assume that social distancing can truly be an effective way to reduce viral spread. 

The CDC defines social distancing as keeping space between yourself and other people outside of your home.To practice social or physical distancing: stay at least six feet (about two arms’ length) from other people. 

Back on April 3rd, we first posted about social distancing and what it means. It included some great links to the WHO and other health organizations.  

Right now there is so much debate about this virus and how we can best fight it. There are many differing views but there is one constant: if you don’t come in contact with the virus, you can’t catch it. It’s that simple, social distancing works!

Tomorrow: Another look at weaving a mask!

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