Major Changes For Uber & Lyft At Los Angeles International Airport

This is a rendering of what LAX will look like in a few years. The airport is currently under construction, and the best estimates are that this massive construction project will finish by 2025 – six years from now. In the meantime, LAX has become the second busiest airport by total passenger volume in the nation, closely following Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International.

LAX is an old airport. It was built in the late 50’s, refurbished and improved to accommodate the Olympics in the 80’s, but since then the passenger traffic has exploded. On an average day, over 240,000 passengers move through “the loop”, as drivers call it. Certain days, it is the loop from hell where pick ups and drop offs could take more than an hour. LAX is designed on two levels, lower level for all arrivals and upper level for all departures, but it was definitely not designed to handle the current day passenger volumes.

Since the location of the airport is right next to the Pacific Ocean, getting to the airport can only be accomplished from the North, East and South. In general the following is what one can expect to endure.

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