What are some of the best cars to buy for rideshare?

Driving for rideshare often means piling on the miles on our cars. At some point, we will need to replace our cars with a new one. Since buying a new car is a big and important purchase, you want to be sure it is the right one. So what car is best for rideshare?


USNews came out with a list of the best cars for us drivers. Many of the cars on the list were expected but there were a few surprising models. Here is the list with some of the highlights on why each car was chosen


  1. 2020 Toyota Camry Hybrid – Excellent fuel economy and smooth and roomy ride
  2. 2020 Toyota Camry – features high-quality materials and comfortable roomy seating
  3. 2020 Honda Civic – lots of advanced safety features and seats 5 comfortably
  4. 2020 Honda Accord Hybrid – excellent fuel economy and loads of cabin room
  5. 2020 Honda Accord – gentle ride and excellent cabin space for the driver and riders
  6. 2020 Mazda6 – advanced safety features and a premium cabin
  7. 2020 Ford Fusion – solid performance and spacious interior
  8. 2020 Honda Insight – it’s a top safety pick and gets great fuel economy
  9. 2020 Ford Fusion Hybrid – excellent fuel economy in the city and lots of rear legroom
  10. 2020 Volkswagen Jetta – lots of trunk space and excellent fuel economy
  11. 2020 Subaru Legacy – a mid-size vehicle with ample rear legroom and good gas mileage
  12. 2020 Subaru Impreza – roomy interior and all-wheel drive


One of the cars that did not make the list was the Toyota Prius, which has long been a favorite for many rideshare drivers. I believe it was left off because of the lack of legroom in the back.

*previously posted on July 31st

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