What do you need to know about the $50/hour Uber rides?

On June 2nd, Uber started a new program that allows riders to book a ride for $50.00 per hour with an additional charge for mileage. It is currently being rolled out in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, DC, Houston, Miami, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Seattle, Tacoma and Tampa. This will put Uber yet again in direct competition with limousine and black car service companies.  

According to Gridwise both drivers and riders will have to opt in to participate in this new type of ride. However, not all drivers are going to qualify. Riders will be matched with drivers who operate larger and newer vehicles for this type of service. This will likely be reserved for those vehicles classified as Uber Comfort in the app. It isn’t clear what part of the hourly rate (or the mileage charge) the driver will take home. The article provides an example of what the in-app experience will be for both the rider and driver. It’s a great read!

Given this pandemic, drivers who opt in will be driving fewer clients meaning less contact with anyone who have contracted Covid-19. This could be a great option for those looking for a safer way to return to rideshare, assuming you have a vehicle that qualifies.

What isn’t clear is if there is a demand for this new service. If this does take off, it won’t be long before Uber rolls it out nationwide, and Lyft is likely not far behind.

Tomorrow: What’s in your trunk can affect your star rating.

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